“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.”

Come to Saloon Elite and there is no need to struggle or get frustrated as this unknown author writes of.

At Saloon Elite we will give you a head-to-toe experience that you will take pleasure in, and come back
for more. From the hair-cut to the massage and the facial to the pedicure, in limitless ways we re-define
your personal style and personality.

Directed by Mohan and Deiveegan, Saloon Elite offers a service that is a cut above the rest but without
straining your pocket. Yet, we do not make any compromises on quality. Ever health conscious, we at
Saloon Elite use carefully-chosen products that will keep your hair, scalp and skin healthy and glowing.
We use branded cosmetics of such well-known names as L’Oreal,Garner and more....

Proud members of the beauty industry, we have hand-picked staff, well-trained in all aspects of
grooming men. Committed to serving you best, our staff will provide efficient and courteous service.
The ever-attentive staff will listen to your need, answer your every question, and make suggestions
to help you make a decision in, and with, style. At Saloon Elite, we take special delight
in children, and excel at grooming young gentlemen.

All our Saloons are located in bustling neighbourhoods of Chennai, but once inside you will
be soothed by the calm ambience and the amiable service.

After all, as the American TV personality Steve Allen said: “The hair is real; it is the head that’s fake.”

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